ATLAS.ti Update Version 6.2 released!

Dear all ATLAS.ti users!

The latest update version 6.2 has recently been released. As usual, subscribers to version 6.1 can upgrade for free! Check out what’s new in version 6.2:-

* Direct import of online surveys – Imagine converting the results of a large online survey into a Hermeneutic Unit with just a few mouse clicks. ATLAS.ti v.6.2 lets you do just that!
* PDF Reloaded! – The ATLAS.ti PDF engine–the already the most powerful in the business–just got even better. Compatibility, usability, and performance have been drastically improved.
* User Interface – You will notice several changes in the user interface. Most significantly, a new type of bracket replaces the old thin brackets in the margin area to support drag & drop operations.
* And much more: Font Themes let you create special appearances for different purposes (e.g. presentations) – Completely revised XSL Stylesheets give you countless options for shaping the XML output for powerful reporting, presentation, and even data conversion. – The Network Editor has been expanded in several ways: You can now drag & drop from the editor, create special families, and enjoy a new look for better orientation.

About Ani Munirah

Ani Munirah Mohamad is a senior lecturer at School of Law (SoL) and Research Fellow at Center for Testing, Measurement and Appraisal (CeTMA), Universiti Utara Malaysia, Sintok, Kedah, Malaysia. Ani is also a certified senior professional trainer for ATLAS.ti GmbH where she coaches and trains fellow researchers on how to use ATLAS.ti powerfully for the purpose of qualitative analysis and literature review. She may be contacted at dranimunirah [at]
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