The ATLAS.ti trainers in Malaysia are:

Ani Munirah
(1) Ani Munirah Mohamad is part of the academic team at the College of Law, Government & International Studies, Universiti Utara Malaysia, Sintok, Kedah, Malaysia. She is currently doing her PhD in Law at Faculty of Law, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Shah Alam, Selangor. She may be contacted at animunirah [at]

Siti Rokiah
(2) Siti Rokiah Siwok is a registered counsellor with the Lembaga Kaunselor of Malaysia, specialising in helping families using eco systemic approach. She is  also a lecturer teaching psychology related subjects at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia in Skudai, Johor.  She may be contacted at srsiwok [at]

Both Ani Munirah and Siti Rokiah are trainers certified by ATLAS.ti to teach ATLAS.ti courses.