3 Reasons You Should Use ATLAS.ti For Your Qualitative Data Analysis

Did you ever consider that perhaps you should use ATLAS.ti for your qualitative data analysis? That identical thought has occurred to many people. Lots of individuals have also had the same idea. Some actually acted on that thought, and proceeded to try softwares to analyse their data. Most just look at it for a while, then dismiss the thought. It is sometimes because they don’t know where to start. Other times it is because the main idea is a huge unknown area. Still other times it is because they think they cannot do it.

O.K. now, wait up a minute. We took on a big dose of negatives first of all in that lead paragraph. Let’s look to the positive side and consider 3 explanations why you should use ATLAS.ti for your qualitative data analysis.

First off, in its favor, let me point out that ATLAS.ti is easy to use. And given the right training, it can be mastered in a matter of hours. Sure, I recognize your objection that since I am an ATLAS.ti trainer myself, I would definitely say things in support of ATLAS.ti What you say holds true, I agree, however I am also a researcher. I have in the past tried other softwares in my quest for the perfect solution to my qualitative data analysis. And I can safely say that ATLAS.ti makes wonders that other softwares don’t. This is because it is simple, easy to use, and can be mastered in a matter of hours.

Second, you really should consider that ATLAS.ti does not only help to analyse your data, but it also helps to manage your data. And, in this context, you will need to assign your data to the ATLAS.ti project (called “Hermeneutic Unit” or “HU”). Thereafter, all you would need to do it to retrieve your data from the HU itself, without having to open the individual documents containing your data! This would definitely save you a lot of time! Plus, even better, the HU can be saved onto an external harddisk or pendrive to be carried around. This in turn means that you could easily backup your data should any unfortunate things happen to your laptop or pc.

Third and lastly, you’ll get good bargain as the price for ATLAS.ti single user licence is the lowest of all other qualitative data analysis softwares out there. Which will mean that it is cost effective for your pocket, so that you can concentrate more on your research and data analysis. In addition, on top of that, you may also be eligible to purchase a lower price for the ATLAS.ti student licence if you (or your brother, sister or friend) happen to own a valid student ID.

Whenever you consider the reasons and evaluate them, I expect that you will have to admit that a compelling case can be made for considering how you can use ATLAS.ti for your qualitative data analysis.

Ponder over it. What if you truly could use ATLAS.ti for your qualitative data analysis?

**** For further information on ATLAS.ti, queries or training invitations, please contact us by e-mail at animunirah [at] gmail.com at anytime or phone +60195555084 (Malaysian time is GMT +8).

About Ani Munirah

Ani Munirah Mohamad is a senior lecturer at School of Law (SoL) and Research Fellow at Center for Testing, Measurement and Appraisal (CeTMA), Universiti Utara Malaysia, Sintok, Kedah, Malaysia. Ani is also a certified senior professional trainer for ATLAS.ti GmbH where she coaches and trains fellow researchers on how to use ATLAS.ti powerfully for the purpose of qualitative analysis and literature review. She may be contacted at dranimunirah [at] gmail.com
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