Welcome to a whole new world of qualitative research!

Atlas.ti is often said as a software for qualitative data analysis, but in fact, it is more than that. It allows users to collect, connect, visualise, analyse, explore and share qualitative data – both primary and secondary data. Its simple and intuitive interface allows just about anyone to use it, so long he/she can use the computer. Further info can be obtained from its official website.

This website is an effort by three researchers to disseminate information about the software and deliver Atlas.ti trainings for novice users in Malaysia (for more details about the trainers, see the ‘Trainers’ tab).

The trainings are designed for first time users who are interested to know how to go about Atlas.ti, and is usually conducted one full day (for the tentative programme for the trainings, see the ‘Tentative’ tab, and for the schedule of trainings, see the ‘Trainings’ tab).

**** For further information, queries or training invitations, please contact us by e-mail at animunirah [at] gmail.com at anytime or phone +60195555084 (Malaysian time is GMT +8).

About Ani Munirah

Ani Munirah Mohamad is the Manager of International Projects for Training and Partnership Development of ATLAS.ti Scientific Software Development GmbH. She is physically located in Kedah, Malaysia. She may be contacted at ani.munirah [at] atlasti.com
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3 Responses to Welcome to a whole new world of qualitative research!

  1. Fatimah says:

    Salam alaik Dr. Saya Fatimah, dan baru terjumpa entry2 berkaitan Atlas.ti. Berkebetulan saya memang sedang mencari kelas2 untuk mengikuti NVIVO, w/pun dah pernah ikuti kelas basic nvivo tp still confusing kpd saya. Saya difahamkan oleh blog Dr.OT 🙂 yg Atlas.ti adalah user friendly. Sgt berminat utk mengikuti training if available.Utk makluman Dr sy skrg baru saje on e process menulis chapter 2 utk PhD research on divorce(Syariah law).harap dpt reply dr Dr. Jazakillah,semoga diberi ganjaran Allah atas usaha Dr. salam.

    • Ani Munirah says:

      Welcome to the blog, Fatimah. I am not yet a Dr. I am in the process of completing my thesis to be submitted to the university. Amin, soon 🙂 BTW, I strongly encourage my colleagues and workshop participants to try out ATLAS.ti if they are just starting/in the middle of doing their literature review. The software has helped me with my own literature review, and I believe it can help you the same 🙂 In fact, our upcoming introductory workshop will be on 29 September 2012 from 9am to 4pm. Please click HERE for more information.

  2. Fatimah says:

    Thank you Mdm, count me in:)ive submitted the form.salam

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