Using ATLAS.ti on a Mac

Click here —> Using ATLAS.ti on a Mac

Point 1 – ATLAS.ti is a Windows-based software, it can only run in machines with Windows OS

Point 2 – ATLAS.ti cannot run natively on a Mac, but there are alternatives for a Mac user to use ATLAS.ti on their machines. Click the link above to find out about the alternatives.

Point 3 – I myself own a MacBook Air, and I installed Bootcamp on my machine to be able to run ATLAS.ti 7. It works wonderfully… Oh yes…

About Ani Munirah

Ani Munirah Mohamad is the Manager of International Projects for Training and Partnership Development of ATLAS.ti Scientific Software Development GmbH. She is physically located in Kedah, Malaysia. She may be contacted at ani.munirah [at]
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2 Responses to Using ATLAS.ti on a Mac

  1. Noriham bt Nipah says:

    I need additional course on ATLAS ti to make me expert

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