Learn ATLAS.ti the fast and easy way

This is great news. The ATLAS.ti team has announced that they have released a set of basic videos on ATLAS.ti essentials on Youtube. Just visit Youtube official website and search for ‘ATLAS.ti’ Or alternatively, you can check the latest video here. Surely you can gain some benefits from the videos the fast and easy way, and most importantly, at zero cost to you…

About Ani Munirah

Ani Munirah Mohamad is the Manager of International Projects for Training and Partnership Development of ATLAS.ti Scientific Software Development GmbH. She is physically located in Kedah, Malaysia. She may be contacted at ani.munirah [at] atlasti.com
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One Response to Learn ATLAS.ti the fast and easy way

  1. sparky says:

    Hi – great post – really encouraged me to use atlasti.
    Can you advise me though – I liked your post as it kept it very simple. I have to analyse some interviews in a short timeframe and I’m looking for something that will not take forever to learn! I am not very organised and the idea of doing it all via pen/paper/ post-it notes etc is scary – I would never keep track of it all. So atlas ti purely on that basis sounds good. However I’m worried I will take up valuable time (days/weeks?) in learning how to use it?
    Is it that straightforward?
    Are you available to correspond/coach me through some of it?
    Happy to pay for some support as really stressed about this!

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